Magboard: Bullet Proof Bulletpanel

Bullet Proof Bulletpanel

Bullet-proof and explosion-proof sheet materials were originally developed for military purposes,
but are now also available for civil applications. These panels / plates can be used independently,
or processed in walls and doors in combination with other materials.

By combining several panels / plates, a higher safety class can be achieved.

Ballistic composite panels have the advantage that, unlike conventional materials, they are balls
as it were to be caught by opening them up and this without splintering. (Non-Splitting)

Are you looking for sheet material for a bullet-resistant wall or door? Then Magboard – Bulletpanel is the product you are looking for.


Only available on request and customization possible.



  • bullet-resistant security doors
  • bullet-resistant walls
  • mobile constructions
  • containers
  • mobile partitions / walls
  • bulletproof counters
  • police services and public buildings
  • courthouses
  • prisons
  • military installations
  • yachts and ships


Technical data:

Plate thickness 13 mm
Weight: 25.5 kg / m2
Temperature: -30 to +60 ° C
Fire resistance: DIN 4102 B2
ASTM E – 84 – 98 <25 class A
UL94 V V 0
Width panels: 1000 mm
Panel length: 2000, 2500, 3000 mm
Flexural strength: 320 MPa
Tensile strength: 300 MPa
Compressive strength: 420 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity: 30000
Impact strand IZOD: 180 KJ / m2
Water absorption: <0.15%


  • 4 x lighter than steel – so easier to transport
    and to assemble
  • easy to process with standard hard
    metal tools
  • inert to corrosion and chemicals, so no damage
    shielding coating required
  • very high mechanical strength, insensitive to
    mechanical influences
  • thermal insulating properties
  • electrically insulated
  • good chemical resistance
  • focal point approx. 1100 degrees
  • insensitive to magnetism
  • maintenance-free, significantly longer life
    than steel
  • high bullet resistance at low material thickness

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