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Magnesium Oxide Board – Magboard S-line

Magboard S-Line - Magnesium Oxide Board

Magboard S-Line is a multi-purpose Eco building board for walls, floors and ceilings for inside and outside.
Magnesium Oxide Board – Lead panels

Magboard - Multiboard Cemented Plate

Magboard Multiboard is a fiber-reinforced lightweight cement-bonded plate, for indoor and outdoor applications.
Eco Floor & Ceiling Panel - Cement fiber board

Magboard - Eco Cement Fiberboard

Magboard Eco Cement Wood fiber board is an easy-to-assemble board for outdoor applications or for indoor space with constant, high humidity, such as e.g. bathrooms, cellars etc.
Magboard - Bulletpanel

Magboard - Bulletproof Bulletpanel

Magboard for the manufacture of bulletproof security doors, bulletproof walls, mobile constructions, containers, mobile partitions.


De Magboard S-Line – Magnesium Oxide platen, Magboard Multiboard en de Magboard – Eco Cement Houtvezelplaten hebben wij voldoende op voorraad.

Magboard – Kogelwerende Bulletpanel zijn leverbaar op aanvraag.

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