We are:

Supplier of ecological Multi-purpose construction boards.

Magnesium Oxide Board – Magboard S-line

Magboard S-Line - Magnesium Oxide platen

Magboard S-Line is a multi-purpose applicable eco construction board for walls, floors and ceilings for indoor and outdoor use.
Magboard – Multiboard Cemented Plate

Magboard - Multiboard Cemented plate

Magboard Multiboard is a fiber-reinforced lightweight cementitious plate.
Eco Floor & Ceiling Panel - Cement fiber board

Magboard - Eco Cement Houtvezelplaten

Magboard Eco Cement fiberboard is an easy-to-mount board for exterior applications or for interior space with constant high moisture, such as bathrooms, cellars etc.
Magboard - Bulletpanel

Magboard - Kogelwerend Bulletpanel

Magboard for the manufacture of bullet-proof security doors, bullet-proof walls, mobile constructions, containers, mobile partition walls.
Magboard is volledig recyclebaar.
Magboard is fully recyclable and there are no special requirements for the waste disposal. Because Magboard is hardened at room temperature the CO2 emissions during the production is much lower than that of cement board or drywall. By applying Magboard in the construction we avoid further natural exhaustion. This is good for the environment; therefore it’s beneficial for everyone.